What Clients Say

Nancy, St. Margaret's Bay, NS
You have transformed my home into a beautiful space that we will enjoy for many years. Wendy, you are gifted and have found your true calling.
Sarah, Halifax, NS
Oh My GAWD!!!!!! We are in love! Seriously I just danced around our kitchen and nearly cried at the transformation here in just one short week!!!! Thank you SO much 🙂
Karen, Hammonds Plains, NS
Wendy is amazing at what she does! She has a great ability to see things that I couldn’t possibly imagine and when she put it together, I would absolutely love it! Wendy has an eye for knowing what works and she also has lots of patience, which I think is extremely important when working with someone else’s home and possessions. I love having people over and getting complimented on my sense of style! I would highly recommend Link Interiors to anyone who is looking for a new look or styling a new home.
Jill, Hammonds Plains, NS
I love the photo wall that Wendy designed, but it was when friends and family kept complimenting it, that I really knew it was great! Thanks
Officer's Mess, HMCS St. John's
Thanks for bringing some colour to our wardroom. Fantastic choices! Thank-you.