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Link Interiors

Link Interiors is an interior decorating company that puts your lifestyle at the center of your design.  Focusing on improving home offices and family living spaces, interior decorator, Wendy Monaghan helps you define and develop your unique style while improving the function and beauty of your home.  Wendy believes that great design is about more than a room that looks fabulous, it’s about a room that functions seamlessly for the family that lives in it.

“When your home is beautiful and has amazing functional elements, it can reduce stress and empower everyone who lives there.  I love giving people that gift.”

          – Wendy

Wendy Monaghan

I’ve always known that I’ve had a passion for interior decorating.  The first space I decorated was my bedroom.  I was 5 years old and I saved my allowance for a year to buy the Holly Hobbie bedspread from the Sears catalogue.

After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University and spending 10 years as an Account Manager, I am finally pursuing the passion I’ve had since childhood.

My best friend once said, “Wendy is happiest when everything around her is beautiful.”   It is my goal to share this joy of beautiful and functional spaces with others.  A beautiful room can lift a person’s spirits and create a cheerful atmosphere.  A functional space can give a family more precious time to play and laugh together.  These are the qualities that a wonderfully decorated space can bring to a home.  I look forward to creating them in your home.

St. Margaret’s Bay Reno

This is interior decorating in true Nova Scotia style!  A great home by the bay gets a complete update with spectacular results.

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